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Community trademark

Procedure for filing trademark applications in EU

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How does our service work

1. The client contacts us
>by on-line forms<;
or by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
or by phone  + 39 0521 223260  + 39 0521 223260

2. Cost estimate and acceptation
- we send the client the required estimates according to information received, for the following activities:
1. Anteriority search;
2. Preparing and filing of trademark application.

- the client communicates by e-mail, by fax or by phone the acceptation of the cost estimate and proceeds with the payment by credit card or bank transfer.

3. Trademark examination – specification of goods/services
- we provide examination of basic requisites in order to register your trademark (novelty, distintive character, lawfullness);
- we provide specification of goods and services that trademark application should claim;
- we provide advice regarding best strategy with reference to trademark application (i.e. decision regarding: word or design trademark; national, International or Community application; claim of colour in design trademarks, etc.).

4. Anteriority search (if requested)
- if expressly requested by the Client, we provide anteriority search and search report;
- we communicate the client search results and relative report;
- in the light of search results, the Client will decide if go ahead with the procedure or if  modify the trademark;
- if the Client expressly dispense us, we will file the trademark application without any preliminary anteriority search. Anyway we verify pre-existence of identical word-trademark.

- we have two different kind of anteriority search:
a) word trademark search (in order to find identical or similar trademark with reference to literal and denominative elements);
b) design trademark search (in order to find identical or similar trademark with reference to figurative elements);
In case of complex trademarks (i.e. those made up of figurative and denominative elements) both denominative and figurative search should be done.

5. Filing
- the Client send us the Power of Attorney by fax or e-mail;
- the Client executes payment of fees and taxes by credit card or bank transfer;
- we proceed, in the name and on behalf the Client, with payment of fees and we prepare and file trademark applications in front ofOffice for Harmonization in the Internal Market  (Community trademarks);
- we will acknowledge the application has been filed by e-mail forwarding filing documents;
- the Client will receive updating concerning the status of the application until it has come to registration and we will remind him, before the expiration date (10 years from the filing date), that trademark registration should be renewed.

Trademark application has been filed and from this moment on the exclusive right of the Client is protected according to CTM Regulation.


6. Trademark protection
Furthermore our Law Firm provides legal services relating to the protection of trademarks against any infringements, in extra judicial matters (by studying the case and sending a cease and desist letter), as well as in front of Competent Courts.


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